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Site news

Updated 05/02/2019 by Grant

I added Fools' Guild primary selection page.

Updated 04/21/2019 by Grant

I added the Fools' Guild.

Updated 02/08/2018 by Grant

I updated the My Goals page to slightly reorganize the information and include xp cost for the next level.

Updated 07/07/2017 by Grant

Three items:

  • ETBs are now displayed when you view a specific player's skills.

  • I have added senseis to the front page next to masters.

  • I have improved filter options on skill pages. The filter you select will be saved to your profile until you turn it off. I personally recommend that, if you apply a filter, you use the Last online: 6 months option for the most accurate representation of the current player base. Players who have not updated their skills in a long time may simply not have advanced their skills, thus filtering them out makes no sense.

Updated 06/18/2017 by Grant

The website has been transferred to a new server again to improve performance. At the same time, I have made a large number of updates including an overhaul of the database to improve performance. Changes include:

  • Updated layout

  • Bug fixes

  • Enhanced Skill update history on player pages

  • Player level milestones on the Player Activity page

  • "Top Tables" and "Data" pages seperated

  • Achievement badges on player pages

  • Connect your skills.gothmudders.com account so your updates here apply there

  • Goal page tabbed & completed goals sorted alphabetically

Of course, there was more I wanted to do, but these changes took six months of finding time here and there, and I thought I should roll them out sooner rather than never.

Updated 05/22/2016 by Grant

The website has been transferred to a new server. The site should perform the same as before the transfer. Please let me know if there are any issues.

Updated 03/28/2016 by Grant

You can now update your guild if it is displaying incorrectly on the Update Guild page, accessible from My Account. This will clear your Guild name from your profile so that it gets reloaded from your finger information by the normal automated process.

Updated 11/09/2015 by Grant

The My Goals page now allows you to edit and re-order your goals. It also displays the target bonus of each goal and total XP remaining for all goals. This page is only shown to you if you have a goal saved, which can be done from any skill page.

Updated 11/07/2015 by Grant

I've made some changes this week, including:
GuildsThe Guilds page has been updated to offer a view of player ratings at both the Guild and Specialization levels. Currently, limited rating information is available.
Best OfThe Best Of page has been sorted into categories. You can now view the Top 500 by Level or Rating, and all masters and senseis. Favorite defence skill has been added to the misc category. Player title information has been added here.
Title historyThe script that collects information on Who is online (so you can find the best teachers online!) has been updated to record player titles and track when they advance to new titles. This information is available from each player's page.
Help & NewsThis page was created to help users identify changes and understand their purpose, and will be updated later to explain existing site features.

Help & Tips

This site was created by Grant, and will be maintained for as long as players still enjoy it. If you need help, you are welcome to contact me at geiger@live.com. Put Discworld Skills in the subject line.